Deader Alive

Anna Callahan

Anna Callahan, Matthew Glidden, Eliot Mack, Marilee Annereau


Plot Summary:
Vlad the vampire has been "drinking soy blood for six months." He goes in search of fresh meat, and finds more than he bargained for with goth rock star TJ Heinschwartz (aka Deatharella).

Vlad Gluzman ...Vlad the vampire
Vanessa Puchi ...TJ Heinschwartz
Marty Garden ...Lovey-dovey hubby vampire
Joanne McLernon ...Lovey-dovey wife vampire
Kim Lumbard ...Bachelor vampire
Eliot Mack ...Keyboard rocker
Elizabeth Miller ...Drummer rocker
Matthew Miller ...Guitar rocker

Runtime: 7min 59s

Country: USA

Language: English

Thanks to:
Marty Garden & Joanne McLernon and True Grounds Coffee Shop for locations.

Molly Flanner, Dave Zox, Steve Rose, and Henrik for the film score.